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Cooling Tower Filler-CF750-LC

product description

Cooling tower filler

What is the fill in a cooling tower?

The Cooling Tower Filler for cooling tower is also called filling or filler, primarily for boosting the warm dissipation area and also prolonging the warm exchange time in between water as well as air. Therefore, the fill plays an important role throughout the cooling process. The fill is capable of boosting the warm exchange for cooling down tower, the electric power for fan will significantly decrease if cooling down tower have proper layout of fill.

The cooling tower is a cooling device, which makes the hot water in the tower be cooled mainly by the evaporative cooling of water. In order to make full use of water resources, reduce the load of urban tap water supply network, and reduce the operating cost, cooling water is treated by cooling tower and recycled.We provide Cooling Tower PVC Fills, Cross Flow Cooling Tower Filler And Cooling Tower Infill. Which used in Liangchi cooling tower. Cooling tower fill is one of the most important components for exchange of gas and water in cooling tower.If You Want to Know Cooling Tower PVC Fills Media,Pla Contact Us.

“Fill” is a medium that used in cooling towers to increase the surface area available for the water.

In a cooling tower, the really important actually is cooling tower fill. Fill is a plastic sheet used in cooling towers to build the more surface region of the tower. If we want to expanded surface, we need to take considers into making more contact about water and fills, so that water will have more surface area in the cooling tower fill.

Cooling tower fills make hot water have much more surface area with sheet and air and the medium of tremendously extended film fill, so that hot water is cooled quickly. 

After be cooled the water is flow in a water container from which it is pumped again to cooling other hot water, and the warm air leaving the fill and releasing from the above of the cooling towers ,and like this Continuously cooling air from bottom and release warm air from above to keep cooling tower cooling hot water continuously, to reduce the load of urban tap water supply network, and reduce the operating cost, So that we could make full use of water resources.

Filler is the most important part of the cooling tower, and its efficiency depends on the extent to which the cooling water and air are fully in contact with the filler. Filler temperature 50 °C ~ 68 °C, anti-aging, excellent performance, anti-ultraviolet, long life.

Cooling tower fill should be made to have more contact about water and fills , and longest time as possible. Fill allows the water to form thin flowing sheets to expose as much water surface area as possible to the interacting flow.

What is cooling tower fill?

Cooling Tower Fill. ... Fill, or wet deck or surface, is a medium used in cooling towers to increase the surface area of the tower. Increased surface area allows for maximum contact between the air and the water, which allows for greater evaporation rates.

Types of Cooling Tower Filler.

A cooling tower's performance is determined by many factors,cooling tower fills is one of the most import and parts a cooling tower ,its types and quality decide whether a cooling tower could transfer heat efficiently or not. If you choose right type of cooling tower fill, water will flowing much more surface area, hot water will be cooled quickly.

There are two common types of fill media, splash fill and film fill. But what's the difference between the two? So, how do you choose the best one for increase efficiency and optimal performance?

               ♦ Splash Fill

               Splash fill consists of layers of horizontal bars or slats. When the warm water hits the surface of these bars, it spreads, breaks, and forms small droplets. As more droplets are formed, there is increased contact between air and water, which accelerates the rate of cooling and evaporation.

Splash fill media were traditionally made from wood, but modern designs make use of PVC. PVC is more efficient as it facilitates better heat transfer.

Splash fill is ideal for use in industries which generate poor quality or dirty water. As the water is broken up to form small droplets, there is no medium in which dirt and debris can be caught and trapped; therefore, the efficiency of the medium is not reduced.

                 ♦ Film Fill

               Film fill consists of closely placed thin sheets of PVC material with a flat, corrugated or otherwise textured surface. It creates a large surface area on which the hot recirculated water spreads forming a thin film in contact with air. It allows heat to evaporate at an accelerated rate and cools the water faster.

Film fill is ideal for cooling clean and quality water, as any debris in the water can build up in the film media and reduce its efficiency and overall performance of the cooling tower. However, you can get a film fill with wider flutes if your water is not clean.

Cooling tower fill CF750-LC function

The function of cooling tower fill is to increase heat dissipation,prolong residence time of cooling water, increase heat transfer area, increase heat transfer and distribute water evenly.

Cooling tower fillprovides sheets of material that are shaped into a corrugated pattern for the water to travel across. It can be combined and stacked into blocks, to create various thicknesses and heights to fit individual cooling towers.

Cooling Tower Infill-CF750-LC

Cooling Tower Filler CF750-LC Specification

Length400mm, 800mm, 1200mm, 1600mm
Thicknessfrom 0.28mm to 0.38mm
Sheet Space20mm
Used in Liangchi cooling tower

Cooling Tower Filler CF750-LC Display

Cooling Tower Infill-CF750-LC

Other types OF Cooling Tower Filler

Cooling Tower Infill-CF750-LC

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