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Bio Ball Filter

product description

Bio Filter Ball

Bio Filter Ball
Bio Filter Ball is made of non-toxic PP plastic processing by artificial into nets pore structure of biological filtration ball.Many flake structure, internal porous. For adsorption nitrifying bacteria and set the nets pore structure, very beneficial to oxidation of oxygen convection exchange, and for reproductive growth of nitrifying bacteria with a huge biochemical surface area.It placed in a filter pond or tank, they efficiently reduce ammonia and nitrite to help maintain healthy aquarium tank, pond or fish farm water conditions and overall well-being of pond or fish farm fish and plants。

Product Features:

-Black aquarium fish tank filter bio-ball filtration is excellent for oxygenating your water and helping the gas exchange process.
-It features plastic construction with high performance stuffing.
-Great for any freshwater or saltwater fish tank or mini-reef aquarium.
-These Fish Tank Filtration are simply rinse and use
-The Black Bio-Balls have a structure of dense holes where live a lot of nitro-bacteria

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Bio Filter Ball