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Stainless steel water tank
Stainless steel water tank Stainless steel water tank Stainless steel water tank

Stainless steel water tank

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Stainless steel water tank 

SUS316,SUS304 can be choosen depending on the water quality and usage environment ,stainless steel boards are shaped by hydraulic press mold, the standard specification is 1000x1000mm or 1000 x 500mm, they are welded on site by arc-argon welding machine,the welding surface is washed and passivated by acid to ensure the welding parts will not get rusted. Factory use unique stainless steel plate and the high difficulty  ramming formation craft to achieve the high strength requirenments with the smallest material consumption. The weight only be third of the ordinaly panel.

1. Easy to installation:The welding stainless steel water tank adopts to the factory pressing and assembly, welding on spot. Because it is welding inside the water tank, it can be placed on three sides against the wall. It is very important for the client without too much place.

2. No leakage: Stainless steel water tank adopts to the all welding assembly. Compared with the traditional water tank which connection by bolt, it get rid of the sealing strip and bolt to make the water tank more strength and never leakage.

3. Reasonable price: The unique and reasonable appearance design, advanced hydraulic assembly line production process and the biggest utilization rate of material to make the price more competitive. 

4. Health: Stainless steel water tank adopts to the fully enclosed way so it can eliminate algal blooms. Its vent has multi-layer dust protection to prevent the dust fall into water tank; unique and advanced water inlet device not only possess the noise reduction function but also prevent the disturbance of the water. In a word, it can eradicate the second pollution completely.

Main Features:

1. Never rust: It adopts to the import food level SUS stainless steel plate, blocking-up the sunlight irradiation thoroughly, does not multiply the algae, at any time maintains the water quality is clean.

2. Light weight and high strength: The stainless steel plate has light weight and high strength and so on characteristic. It adopts to hydraulic single mode molding so it has the forming good, small internal stress, high precision,no any abrasion on surface and so on characteristic. The yield strength of stainless steel is equivalent to 1.5 times that of carbon steel and 6 times that of GRP. So it show the good performance in anti-seismic, impact resistance and other aspects.

3. Meet fire and building standard: Compared with the SMC water tank, the stainless steel water tank has the better high temperature resistant performance. So it can apply to the request of fire and building standard act completely.

4. Ideal mechanical structure: This welding stainless steel water tank adopts to the combination of spherical and tablet. This is a ideal mechanical structure to make the water tank possess fluent line and beautiful appearance. 

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